A long time ago

A long time ago

Just four years ago Queanbyean played in both the first grade and second grade grand finals against the island state of Tuggeranong.

Year 2016 seems a long time ago. Remember Malcolm Turnbull, Barack Obama and Sam McGlone (pictured)

It was Jamie Marmont’s 100th first grade game after starting his career in 2007 and was a member of the premiership teams in 2007 and 2008. He is the only player to have a bye-law inserted into the rules of competition- “no chainsaws allowed at the grounds”.

Both first grade (22-26) and second grade (17-27) lost their grand finals with the first-grade defeat controversial.

This was what was written about the major semi-final- “Tuggeranong just kept getting territory on the back of penalties. The red and whites are the masters in loitering off-side around the break down and get away with it.” Same referee same story.

The Whites had the chance to win the game as they attacked the try line from 10m out trailing by 22-26. Repeated professional foul infringements occurred with the referee penalizing Tuggers but not take more action. Even the penalty awarded to the winners to end the game was at best dubious.

First grade was: C. Barbaro, C. Elliot, L. Leulua’iali’-Makin,T. Wilson, S. Tai, R. Jones, D. Penca, OJ Noa, J. White, B. Chalker, B. Spears, A. Smith, K. Morgan, J. Marmont, R. Coleman with Adam Fahey the coach.

Second grade consisted of: J. Cremerius, J. Gordon, N. Nadruku, T. Tarlinton, B. Leper, B. Boyton, C. Stanley, T. G. Darmody, D. Hawke, D. Matthews, A. Bozzato, D. Kerr, L. Tiatia, D. Lancaster, Z. Tarrant with Darren Bulley coach

By the way, McGlone was of course a winger and like the Holland boys came from Braidwood. He went on to become a model. Only Neori has similar ambitions.

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