Hollow victory

Tuggeranong beat the Whites seconds 17-19 in a hollow victory after scoring an uncontested try while the play stopped, a doctor was treating a Tuggeranong player and both sides were at a standstill. The referee had his backed turn when Tuggeranong took a quick tap went over the try line and was awarded the try.
At best it was un-sportsman like and was a poorly controlled stoppage in the game.
Fullback Angus Balmaks had the Whites ahead 6-5 at the break with two penalties. Centre Jamie Marmont was the controlling influence with his defence and organization. The whole team’s defence is a sign of their commitment to each other as Tuggers kept territory and the ball for long periods.
Balmaks made a great run which finally gave the Whites the opportunity to score. For Queanbeyan the best were Mr. Motion Cameron Stanley, Josh White and the Duracell charged Tom G. Darmody.
Fourths were confronted with a handy red and white army of young and a few old. The old had the experience to keep the Whites out of the game. Without captain Luke Cochrane the side lacked penetration and paid the price. Fullback Pat Fitzsimmons was good given his limited experience in the position.
Thirds had two wise-heads back in flanker Ben Boyton and half Alex Rowley and the difference gave the side a second win for the season. No. 8 Jack Edwards was man of the match and he is a very talented footballer finding his feet after time out of the game.
Colts had to suffer another heart break being just beaten by 19-24. Queanbeyan’s local lads had the starch to stand up against Brisbane. As they get to believe in themselves they will achieve their potential. Half Jeremy Taylor, flanker Lewis Bozzato and hooker Tom Carvolth were amongst the best.