Vote of confidence

The Whites’ annual general meeting was a vote of confidence with president Ian Darmody and the executive being re-elected unopposed.
The committee number was reduced to seven matching the number of office-holders with Jake Gordon and Daniel Naef representing the players, Paul Darmody (membership), Tom Darmody, Mick Gordon (grounds), Don James (clubroom) and David White (Googong).
Thirty people attended the meeting with the presentation of the annual RUC prepared by Melanie Debenham. The RUC included the president’s report, junior president Simon Booth’s report, treasurer’s report and season summaries.
Senior vice president Ron Hill presented on Googong and showed some architectural drawings showing features of the planned licensed club.
The elected officials are:
President: Ian Darmody
Senior vice president: Ron Hill
Junior’s president: Simon Booth
Secretary: Gavin Kemp
Treasurer: Matthew Kelly
Registrar/public officer: Phill Hawke
The two good doctors, Peter Carter and Peter Renshaw, were re-appointed as patrons of the club.