Barrie Gillman

Barrie Gillman

Barrie G

Pictured: Barrie Gillman on the typewriter, editor/owner Jim Woods and journalist Frank Nash in the Age office. (Courtesy of the Woods family)

Long serving Queanbeyan Age journalist Barrie Gillman has died at the age of 84. He was the husband of Diana (nee Woodger) and father of three.

Barrie played for the Whites but was better known for his coverage of the games for The Queanbeyan Age under the by-line of “Boobla”.

He landed a full time job with the Age with Jim Woods putting him on staff. After a short period Barrie joined the Army as a journalist. After his stint with the forces he became the press secretary to Malcolm Fraser then David Fairbairn before working with the ABC.

After the retirement of Jim Woods, Barrie became the editor of the Age, which at the time was published three times a week.

His knowledge of Queanbeyan and the wider district was comprehensive and he wrote without fear or favour about local issues.Barrie covered all the stories but he was a private person.

Barrie was privately cremated on June 16.

The Whites offer their prayers and support to the family.

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