Bobby and Braeden go at it

Bobby and Braeden go at it

More than one of the thirds and fourths players suffered on Sunday from Coomatosis picked up at the Alpine and then the Bredbo Hotel on the way home. Imagine a pub with sauvignon blanc on tap.

Popping back to prop, barman Don James, was seen crossing the bridge at 3am. He missed church. Apart from the activities at president Ian Darmody’s must see places, Bredbo, the Whites did win both games of rugby and unexpectantly lost the boat race.

Fourths led by Luke Cochrane won 37-17 while thirds had to work hard to win 24-14 thanks to the efforts of the colts’ players and Uber driver Kelvin.

It was as expected a cold and windy day with both sides down on numbers and many having to back up. One of the many to stand out in fours was Eddie Eteuati. He is one tough nut and many forget he is eligible for colts. He does not back down. Another who has given his best in every game is front rower Daniel Vrkic. Dan is willing and is the type of player who makes the club.

Forward Zac Byrnes became the Zac attack as took up a centre position with plenty of running and his usual run-ins with the referee. Give him a smoke and a beer and he does calm down.

Prop Tyron Dargue picked up two tries in fourths and a man-of-the-match performance in thirds. The front row of Tangi Maine, Bobby Waters and Dargue had a heavy day out with Cooma fielding more beef than a Darmody paddock.

Dargue don't argue

Dargue don’t argue

What impressed most was the appearance of under 20 players Francis Soakai-Tai,and Ben O’Halloran and Waters after playing at Erindale and then getting to Cooma for the kick-off.

Bobby plays like a veteran and rightly so as he has been playing senior grade since he was 16. O’Halloran is a crisp and clean at the scrum base and unfortunately Soakai-Tai was injured early in the game.

Benny O

Benny O

Those who backed up were amongst the best including Dargue, Jason Wirangi and Byrnes.

In the other grades firsts lost 37-14, reserves won 18-12 and colts lost 27-12.

(Photos courtesy of Cooma)

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