Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When are we likely to see the competitions get back underway?

We are hopeful that there will be some form of community rugby for 2020. The postponement of all Community Rugby has now been pushed out to at least 1 June (from the original postponement date of 1 May). ACT Rugby, ACTJRU and SIRU Competition Managers have been planning in the background for when our competitions can restart if circumstances allow. These options will be communicated to our clubs once the situation becomes clearer.

Are we allowed to train as a club or team?

NO. The directive from Rugby Australia dated the 16th March 2020 that postponed all Community Rugby until the first week of May included all Rugby matches, Rugby training and face to face rugby education courses. With this postponement date now been pushed out to at least 1 June, the same restrictions apply. Any recommencement of Community Rugby will factor in preparation and training time before competitions commence.

Am I still insured if training according to Covid-19 Government Guidelines?

We have sort further clarification from Rugby Australia on this issue. Rugby Australia have indicated that registered participants will be covered if engaged in insolation training activities promoted by Rugby Australia or directed by your club in accordance with COVID-19 Government Guidelines. It is recommended that participants who are undertaking such activity and are not registered with their club for 2020 to register as a ‘Training Only’ participant so that they can be afforded cover in case of injury. ‘Training Only’ costs are as follows: • Juniors 5-18 yrs – $12.00 • Seniors 19+ yrs – $20.00 Participants who then go on to register for the Season to play at their club will receive a discount on the insurance component of their fee. Participants are also encouraged to take out Private Health Insurance. Rugby Australia’s Risk Management and Insurance program ( is arranged by AON Risk Services Australia Limited in partnership with Rugby Australia Limited on behalf of all member unions, clubs and players nationwide. The Risk Management & Insurance Program encompasses four key areas of protection which are designed for members and affiliate members: 1. Personal Injury (Includes the Rugby Funded Deductible*) Coverage for injuries incurred accidentally whilst playing, training, officiating and administering rugby. 2. Professional Indemnity policy Coverage for a breach of professional duty in the sport by reason of an act, error or omission 3. Public & Products Liability policy Coverage for losses which a person or entity must pay on account of personal injury or property damage. 4. Club Management Liability policy for clubs Coverage for the Club, its Directors, Officers etc. for any wrongful act whilst carrying out their duties on behalf of the club.

Can we use our club gym during this postponed period?

NO. Following the decision by Rugby Australia and the Member Unions to postpone all Rugby activities until at least 1 June, alongside the restrictions introduced by the Federal Government on March 23, all gym facilities within Rugby Clubs must remain closed indefinitely.

How will refunds be dealt with for those that have registered for the season if the season does not go ahead?

The decision on how clubs treat and make their own determination on how they handle the fees that have been paid to them for the 2020 season remains directly in the club’s control. There are a range of options that clubs can consider, and some suggestions include but are not limited to: • Retention of the fees to assist the club to plan and prepare for the season in whatever format. • Consider asking members to donate some/all of the club component that has been collected. • For any members facing severe financial hardship consider making a payment to them of the equivalent of club fees. This list is not exhaustive, and each club can determine its own position. Refunds of the ‘up the line’ fees (NPIL, NPRF and/or MUPRF) will be assessed on a caseby-case basis for their eligibility in accordance with Section 11 of the Registration Regulations (Rugby Australia Registration Regulations ). Please note, no refunds will be provided with a reason of COVID-19 at this point in time. Except where required in accordance with Federal/State consumer protection laws, NPIL, NPRF and/or MUPRF payments (or parts thereof) shall only be refundable where: • A Player has registered for a season; and • Rugby AU/Member Union, in the exercise of its discretion, determines that exceptional circumstances exist to warrant a refund. Please note that the fact that a Player has not trained or played a match in a season will not in itself provide grounds for exceptional circumstances. In any event, NPIL liability is generally not refundable irrespective of the fact that a Player may not have trained or played a match in a season. This is because insurance coverage has been provided.

Will those people who have registered as Training Only be afforded a refund?

As stated above, NPIL liability is generally not refundable irrespective of the fact that a Player may not have trained or played a match in a season. This is because insurance coverage has been provided.

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