Man of Steele

Man of Steele

Third grade centre John Steele kicked two penalties, one on the bell, to take his side to a another semi-final winning over Hall 18-15. Earlier in the day fourths ran riot beating Royals 46-0 at Phillip.

Dan Hawke went back in time

Next weekend fourths will play on Saturday and colts, reserves and thirds on Sunday in elimination games.

If Steele was good then prop Andrew Fahey was excellent. Running on top fuel he was in everything and crunching defence was matched by some handy Andy footwork.

Thirds had to cope with a well drilled Bushranger pack and they hung in to level the score at 12-all when Steele found the line after a Fahey bulldoze.

With territory, Steel went to the plate to make it 15-all and then as the bell rang took a forty metre shot that hit the slot. There was plenty of cheers and no doubt a few beers after the thriller.

Fourths led 19-0 at the break with some big hits from Dan Penca, Dan Hawke and Tim Woods setting the scene. It was bruising and Royals never gained any ascendancy.

Sam Perkins injured at Hall

The try scorers tell the story of the standouts-Hawke, Woods, McInnes and then Aaron Robinson who is a class act. Throw in Luke Cochrane and Will Truscott and you have a handy combination.

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