Marmite is back

Marmite is back

Jamie Marmont is back and scored a try in the Whites 50-15 win against Wests at Jamison. It was good day out with fourths recording a 38-all draw, thirds home 26-24, colts on a crusade 50-12 and reserves taking the donuts 26-14.

Mitch was mighty

Last week the chainsaw was back and this week it was the real thing.

Half Mitch Douch had the Benadryl running through his veins and he was running hot. He scored the first two tries and had a complete game despite having the flue.

If he was good, then No 8 Justin Sikimeti fresh full of sushi was a even better proving that a diet of fish and rice can be runner. Douchy kicked and recovered for the first try and winger Rian Hamilton kicked and Douch recovered for the second.

Hamilton in fact was that busy on the wing that no one noticed the performance of  Goddard who ran the ball, set up the backs and kicked the goals. He is improving each and every week. His running game is on song.

On the other wing Jack Gilmour also had a day with the Whites playing a very expansive game shifting the ball from one side to the other.

It is a sign of the improvement in the side which beat Wests 34-226 at last start.

Hooker James Douglas, flanker Michael Gordon did plenty of the hard yards while winger Hamilton was in everything and anything. Marmont’s try meant the Whites went to the break at 19-7.

The icing on the cake was Ryan Jones replacing Mitch Douch at half and

He played like he belonged there.

Naming the best is hard when Sikimeti, Douch, Douglas and Michael Gordon were here there and everywhere. And Marmite is back.

Back after Botox and still looking good
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