Year 2003 was a struggle with the Whites only able to field first grade, second grade and a third grade that played in the fourth-grade competition. There was talk at the time of moving to the Monaro competition but the appointment of Kim Thurbon as club coach gave the club hope.

First grade finished the season on a high with a narrow loss to Tuggers 23-20, beating finalists Easts 47-29 then accounting for Royals 39-27 in the last round.

During the season, the team had been bolstered by Jim Nolan and then followed a few more of the Irish to add some flavour including half Steve Gibbons. He was partnered with a classy out of the carpark five eighth Myles Dorian. Dorian was a dream for the Whites as he was as good as they get in the John I. Dent.

The side that finished the year: Jim Nolan, Glen Stumbles, Mark McEvilly, Dave Watt, Matt Hirst, Dave McGilvray, Sioni Maloni, Adam Fahey, Steven Gibbons. Myles Dorian, Ross Barbour, Josh Hastings, Adam McInnes, Evan Haigh and Tim Hawke.

The Whites made the fourth grade grand final but were beaten by Tuggers. The side was made up of: Graham Pohl, Adam Hastings, Warren Willis, Trent Kingi, Shane Potiki, Todd Buckley, Graham Dean, Tony Rowley, Ben Hall, Jon Stumbles, Robbie Lennon, Dane Buckley, Adam McEvilly, winger Darren Bulley and Hugh Renshaw.

Pictured: Tony Rowley, Graham Dean and Graham “Ziggy” Pohl

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