Road trip for finals

Road trip for finals

Whites supporters and players have a road trip on Saturday with fourths at Phillip District at 11.40 and thirds at Hall at 3pm. Fourths finished second and play top placed Royals with the loser having another chance. Thirds are in the elimination final against Hall with the loser’s season over.

Back helping out in fourths-Dan Penca

Both Queanbeyan and Hall have recent form with the Whites beating the fancied Goulburn Reds 24-19 and before that Uni-Norths 64-7. Halves combination Nathan Exton and Adam Priest should give the Whites and edge to allow centres John Steele and Noa Nadruku to do the unpredictable and unstoppable.

Tom G. Darmody unavailable with a broken zimmer frame

A very solid forward pack has added ammunition with the return of Andrew Fahey.

Fourths have a balance of the elderly and the emerging. Goodwin Homes will have a bus full including Tim Woods, Aaron McInnes, Dan Hawke, Dan Penca and Jonno Murphy. Two other oldies, Tom G. Darmody and David Kerr, have broken Zimmer frames and are unable to play.

Youngsters like Aaron Robinson, Gordon Daunitutu and Toby Alleyn have made a huge contribution this season and will love the hype of the finals.

Pack a peanut butter sandwich and fill up the thermos for a day out.

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