Trial test

Trial test

The first trial of the season at Campese against Wests will reveal just what the Whites have for 2019. Although a few have retired there is still the basis of the 2018 first grade team plus many new exciting young players.

The front rowers of Neori Nadruku, Ben Gordon, Carl Elliott and Fred Kaihea are the foundation but you can throw in up and comer Matt Taylor and JD, an impressive pre-season trainer.

Locks are an issue with the retirement of Toby Wilson, Tony Tarlinton and an injury to Josh Townsend. Don’t be surprised by the appearance of Noa Nadruku, Kane Kilmister and Becs Seeto trying out for the second row slots.

The back row has depth with Sokai Tai, Ryan Jones, Justin Sikimeti and Lewis Bozzato on deck and facing challenges from graduating colts.

The bricks for the backs include Mitch Douch, Keith Morgan, Tom Ruediger and James Marmont.

There are plenty looking for a first grade spot with Levi Clark taking one spot if training is any guide.

Colts kick off the day at 2.30, then the second squad at 3.45 and the first squad at 5pm.

Vinnie might find himself having a run with Neori in the top grade in 2019.
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